Soul Business Roadmap

Larger Projects

More Ideal Clients

Deeper Transformation

Experienced trainers, coaches and consultants usually know how the deeper causes of their clients’ problems can be solved.

However, those clients often don’t see this and only order superficial symptom treatments.

And even worse, don’t hire them, but less experienced colleagues instead.

I have an approach and roadmap to have their ideal clients acknowledge their wisdom, become enthusiastic and order larger projects.

Using that approach, experienced trainers, coaches and consultants are hired to make profound and fulfilling transformations instead of having to retire without having fully shared wisdom and having left their legacy.

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My name is Jan Vermeiren. I’m the founder of Soul Business.

I experienced the same frustration.

I was pretty successful with my previous company Networking Coach: I wrote two best selling books (Let’s Connect! and How to REALLY use LinkedIn), we worked with over 500 companies all over the globe and we were the first training partner of LinkedIn in the world.

Despite this success I didn’t feel fulfilled. We were hired for short workshops about networking, LinkedIn or referrals, but not for larger projects that could really transform the results and the future of a company.

This changed when I got aligned with my own Soul and that of my business and then created the Soul Business Roadmap.

This is a roadmap specifically created for experienced trainers, coaches and consultants to attract larger projects where they can make a deep impact. And work for top clients who really appreciate both their wisdom and their being.

3 steps to attract larger projects and more ideal clients

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to understand what most trainers, coaches & consultants unconsciously do wrong and what to do instead.

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Implement the Changes

and start attracting larger, more fulfilling projects & more ideal clients. On your own or with my help.

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