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To book a complimentary session to discover gaps in your current strategy and receive tips to solve them,

send an e-mail to connect at


E-mail: connect at

Tel: +32 3 337 40 60

Why do we offer this Discovery Session at no cost?

  1. Trainers, coaches and consultants who did’t become a client (yet), got so much out of the session that they spontaneously started referring us to others. This is the best way of promotion one could dream of :-).
  2. Hopefully you will become so enthusiastic yourself that you become our client. But we both need to feel a match. Otherwise it’s not fun cooperating. A Discovery Session offers the opportunity to feel if there is a click both on the content and human side.
  3. We get a lot of energy from these sessions ourselves!

No wonder why we feel that’s time very well spent :-), even when you decide not to work with us.

So, if you feel you can use some tips to attract larger projects and more top clients, send an e-mail to connect at and we will suggest some time slots.