Schedule a Discovery Session

To book a complimentary session to discover gaps in your current strategy and receive tips to solve them or to discuss how to get flow (again) in your company,

send an e-mail to connect at


E-mail: connect at

Tel: +32 3 337 40 60

Why do I offer this Discovery Session at no cost?

  1. I thrive when I can help people. And I get a lot of energy when doing so (OK, I admit, this first reason is kind of self-serving :-))
  2. Some owners of training, coaching and consultancy agencies are happy that they get this opportunity to feel if there is a match both on the content and the human level before they have to decide to hire me or not. This applies to me as well. It speaks for itself that there are questions like “Will this approach work for my company?” or “We already have done a lot in the past, which steps of the Roadmap do we need and which not?” Besides practical tips, these are questions that can be answered in a Discovery Session.
  1. Trainers, coaches and consultants who didn’t become a client (yet), got so much out of the session that they spontaneously started referring me┬áto others. That is worth a lot and the reason why I don’t mind someone booking a session and not becoming a client.

So, if you feel you can use some tips to attract larger projects and more top clients, send an e-mail to connect at and I will suggest some time slots.

I’m looking forward to talking to you!


PS: if you are worried that this might be a sales pitch instead of a “content rich” session (which I don’t blame you for with all the pushy sales tactics that go around) or want to know how others benefited from it, you can read their experiences.