We Support Training, Consulting & Software Companies to Attract More Clients

Nowadays there are lots of possibilities to attract more clients, increase visibility and gain authority status. The only problem is that there are so many of them that it is overwhelming.

Do or don’t you need to use newsletters, mailings, webinars, social media, blogs, podcasts, video and ads? Do the owner or experts need to write a book, speak at trade conventions, go to networking gatherings, have a booth at fairs, or organize in-house events?

The answer is that it depends. Factors are a.o. target audience (B4B, B4C, B4E), price, kind of product/service (short or long program, one-off; consulting, training, coaching, software, app, tool, outsourcing or combination) and of course the own liking (for example, if nobody likes to write, there are plenty of other opportunities).

However, usually mixing all the available options lead to a far from optimized approach that costs lots of energy, time and money.

And often not to new clients.

We happily show you how to change this and be successful using our Client Acquisition Pathway in our free e-book.

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