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Attracting More Top Clients and Larger Projects

When their company grows, lots of owners of training, consulting and software firms experience a number of new challenges.

These are a few of them:

  • The team grows, so more revenue is needed. Larger projects would be a solution, but there are not enough of them yet.
  • The owners become more and more the bottleneck, both in respect to client work and managing the team.
  • They grow as a person and as expert and find working with top clients very fulfilling, but don’t attract enough of them yet.

As a result, (even) more time and energy is put into marketing actions like social media posts, webinars, podcasts, videos, events, networking, advertising, …

However, those actions usually don’t provide the desired results.

Sometimes extra clients are attracted, but they are seldom top clients or large projects.

What are the main reasons?

  • Top clients have other expectations. Traditional marketing doesn’t succeed very well in attracting them.
  • Larger projects need to be presented in a different way than a normal training, consulting or software project.
  • Most marketing actions are not embedded in a larger, solid structure and approach that makes it easier to attract top clients on the one hand and provides them with the trust they need on the other.

To solve this for our clients, we have created the Top Client Acquisition Pathway.

This is a structured roadmap for training, consulting and software firms to attract more top clients and larger projects