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Attracting Larger Projects and More Top Clients

When companies are in business for a while, the owners often feel the need to go to the next level.

For training, consulting and software firms this usually translates to having more impact.

This means:

  • Larger projects.
  • Deeper relationships with clients.
  • Working with clients who are on the same page (= top clients).
  • Have a better margin so there is more room for other important things like family, personal development or time off.
  • Expand the team.

However, most companies don’t get to this next level.

The most important reason is that nobody ever told them that attracting top clients and larger projects requires a different approach than the one for getting the first clients.

And they were also not told that the traditional marketing, sales and communication approach counter-intuitively sabotages working with top clients and attracting larger projects.

To support our clients to avoid these pitfalls and make the transition to the next level, we developed a specific model.

It is called the Top Client Acquisition Pathway.

It is a roadmap for training, consulting and software firms to attract more top clients and larger projects without cold calling, social media posts or ads.

Since our revenue model is not in the knowledge of this model, but in assisting in the execution of it, we gladly share this roadmap not only with our clients, but with everybody who is interested in it.