The purpose of Soul Business is:

Reconnecting with the Soul of Business.
Streamlining the Business so the Soul can flow.

Most owners of training, coaching or consulting companies hire me for the second part, the Business component: streamlining their company so they can attract larger projects with a deep impact.

In that case I support them in getting the Soul Business Roadmap (that can be downloaded at no cost) quickly implemented. This is an all-in-one marketing, branding & sales approach, based on their own authentic model. If that model doesn’t (entirely) exist yet, we create it together.

Why do they hire me instead of doing it on their own?

Because it is not always easy to implement it in the right way when you are in the middle of it. You can’t see your blind spots.

And they also say that it is not easy to do this when they rather want to be an expert in their field of expertise than in the field of branding, marketing and sales.

To give you an idea, typical questions that they have, are:

  • What do we need to change so we are hired for larger projects?
  • How can we be perceived as the go-to expert?
  • What do we need to do, and where, to get more visibility towards the right clients?
  • How do we make sure that a prospect actually becomes a client?
  • And how do we all the above without being perceived as pushy or selling our soul?

With the Soul Business Roadmap as our guide, we embark on this small journey together. The role I play depends on what a specific client needs: brainstorming partner, coach, soundboard, constructive critic, explainer of tech, … And on top of that, always guardian of the process so the desired result will be reached.

Reconnecting with the Soul of your Business.

Some of my clients start with hiring me for the first part of the tagline: reconnect with the Soul of their company.

Especially when your company has been around for several years, it is a meaningful exercise to check whether it is still OK in the core.

Changes always have an impact. It doesn’t matter if they were perceived as positive, neutral or negative.

Think for example of personal development of the owner(s), coming and going of employees, change of focus regarding target audiences or topics, a new logo, change of office, different brands, …

I also give conscious attention to what is going on in the undercurrent.

And if the conclusion is that something needs to be addressed, then blind spots can be made visible, limiting beliefs can be transformed or (un)conscious blocks can be healed. I have a whole toolkit at my disposal.

“Will your approach work for my company?”

This is a question that I myself often asked (and still ask) when looking at other companies’ solutions and programs.

That’s why I created the Soul Business Partnership Charter for the trainers, coaches and consultants who decide to work with me to implement the roadmap. These are the topics:

Hover over or click on the topics to read the details

We do this together / Co-creation

Money and time are spent in a meaningful way

Radical honesty

Tech should be easy and not stand in the way of purposeful work

We work according to the Soul Business values

Respectful and Love (instead of fear) Based Approach

Connecting out of freedom and free choice

Set up and execution time is limited to a minimum

Outcome of implementing the Soul Business Roadmap

These are the results that owners of training, coaching or consulting companies can expect:

Position of the respected, competent and helpful Go-To Expert

Their own signature model or framework

Simple, but powerful Wisdom Sharing / marketing plan

More time for personal development, family or charity

Empowering instead of limiting beliefs

Inspired all-in-one marketing, branding and sales approach

Attractive website and LinkedIn profiles

Respectful buying facilitation instead of pushy sales pitches

More revenue because of inspiring work

Solid foundation to grow their team in a fulfilling way

The end result is that the trainers, coaches and consultants I work with are hired by their ideal clients for larger projects so they can have a deep, transformational impact.

Why are most trainers, coaches and consultants not capable of implementing deep strategies or roadmaps on their own?

I thought that this is a good question indeed.

That’s why I asked it to the trainers, coaches and consultants who first tried it on their own, but in the end called me to support them.

These are their answers:

Blind spots, both rationally and emotionally

Distractions that kept them away of fulfilling their company’s purpose

Overlooking psychological insights

Not being able to create a signature model that is fulfilling for themselves ànd appealing to top clients

Opposing messages from different marketing experts

Putting their heart and soul in their work, but not having enough marketing & tech knowledge

Not taking the characteristics of ideal clients into account

Lead magnets that don’t feel right and attract the wrong prospects

These reasons why trainers, coaches and consultants don’t succeed in implementing strategies or roadmaps often lead to a lot of frustration.

That doesn’t have to be the case though.

If you implemented the Soul Business Roadmap or someone else’s on your own, but didn’t get the results you wanted or expected, don’t hesitate to schedule a Strategy Review Session where we discuss the roots of the problem and where I share tips to solve them.

Can I really help your company?

If you are the owner of a training, coaching or consulting agency that puts their heart and soul into their work and are looking for a solution to attract larger projects where you can make a deep impact, chances are high that I can.

But if you don’t know me yet, you can’t be sure of this.

And neither can I be sure for 100%.

That’s why I suggest you test me out.

In this way both you and me can find out if there is a match. Both on the content and on the human side. The reason is that we both need to say wholeheartedly “yes” to working together.

So, feel free to try me out.

Most people start with downloading the roadmap.

But if you can’t wait (or if you have already read the roadmap), then schedule a Strategy Review Session right away!

I’m looking forward to talking to you!


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