Why Create Your Own Unique Model

Several people told me that they were interested in participating in the workshop Create Your Own Unique Model, but wanted some more insights first.

That’s why I host a complimentary webinar next week.

Contents of the webinar

  • How having your own model brings expert and even authority status.
  • The difference between models that only bring authority status and the ones that also bring in larger projects.
  • Why some clients won’t ever consider your company for a larger project if you don’t have a model, even if the relationship is good. And what to do about it.
  • How your own unique model decreases the risk for a client.
  • How the structure of a model doesn’t decrease flexibility, but instead increases it.
  • How a unique model eliminates the problem of competition.
  • How a signature model makes all marketing, branding and sales activities a lot simpler.
  • How your own model is an abundant source of inspiration for articles, blogs, social media posts, podcasts and webinars.
  • How a unique model eliminates sales pitches.
  • The importance of passion and authenticity to create your own signature model.
  • How a unique model is a catalyst for growing a team.
  • How your own unique model is the foundation for a wisdom sharing plan and an attractive matchmaking tool.
  • How a unique model makes it easy to write a short e-book and even a full-fledged one.
  • Why some companies who already have their own unique model still struggle with attracting clients.

Free registration

You can participate at no cost in one of the following sessions:


June 15, 20:00-20:45 CEST (Brussels time)



June 17, 12:00-12:45 CEST (Brussels time)


I look forward to meeting you in one of the sessions!