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Online Session LinkedIn Post Algorithm

A lot of people reacted to my article about the misunderstandings about having a large network on LinkedIn and asked me to share more about the LinkedIn post algorithm.

The frustration of putting a lot of time and energy in writing posts and having a low number of views was recognized by many people.

This doesn’t come as a surprise if you know that company posts are initially only shown to 2 to 6% of your followers and personal posts only to 8 to 16% of your contacts.

That’s why I’m organizing a free Zoom session for consulting, training and software firms to explain how the algorithm works (spoiler alert: contra intuitive) and what to do have it work for you instead of against you.

I will talk about a.o.:

  • How to solve the problem of a low number of views.
  • The four dimensions that determine how many people see your personal posts (= your reach).
  • Which content works on LinkedIn.
  • What are free tools to find inspiration and content.
  • Which formats do and don’t work on LinkedIn.
  • The best way to structure your post.
  • The importance of your SSI (Social Selling Index) in relationship with the reach of your posts.
  • Summary of what to do in one slide (but you need to know the rest so you are not unconsciously sabotaging yourself).

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