Top Client Attraction Scan

Top clients need another approach than the traditional marketing, communication and sales approach.

However, most training and consulting firms are not aware of that or are at least not serving those top clients what they need.

As a result they unconsciously scare them away.

To help you get more insights in your situation and shed light on your blind spots, I have developed the “Top Client Attraction Scan”.

With this scan these elements of your branding and marketing approach are analyzed:

  • The website of your company.
  • Blog posts.
  • Personal LinkedIn profiles.
  • The LinkedIn company page.
  • Personal LinkedIn posts.
  • Posts from the LinkedIn company page.
  • Lead magnets.

The results are shared in a report together with suggestions to improve.

Then we discuss the results and find some quick wins in a Zoom or Teams call.

The investment in the Top Client Attraction Scan is 998 498 euro + VAT. This includes the report and Zoom or Teams call.

If you want to know what attracts or repels top clients in your current approach, you can order the Scan via this page.

Remark: after you have ordered the Scan, you will be redirected to a page to answer a few questions to provide the right input for the analysis.