There Is Not Enough Flow In Your Consulting Firm or Training Agency

Symptoms / What People Say


  • “There are communication problems within the company or with customers, suppliers, partners, …”
  • “We don’t attract as many customers as before.”
  • “There is pressure on our fees.”
  • “It feels like time stopped here.”
  • “There is tension between people or teams (or with external parties).”
  • “There is extreme resistance to change.”
  • “Everything seems to cost a lot of energy, it seems like we are paddling upstream.”
  • “We have tried everything, but haven’t found a solution.”


We assume the company has already looked for solutions, but hasn’t found a satisfying result yet.

You probably feel the real cause is slipping through your fingers. You probably feel like you are doing a lot of efforts and are looking in all directions, but still are missing the right dimension or layer.

Family businesses are especially susceptible for this. The interests and sensitivities of the family, employees and external parties intertwine. The result often looks like a grand mystery that can’t be unraveled.

Possible Causes

Every company grows in a natural way. This process can be accelerated by applying insights and practical tips from books, articles, workshops, coaching etc. During this process growing pains are experienced, just like in people.

These hurts occupy development points. When a large number of those points are not available anymore, an organization is unable to grow further. Unless they are freed up, using for example the 5 step transformation model or a constellation session. This can even lead to accelerated growth!

The Impact of the Owner or CEO of a Consulting Firm or Training Agency

What people tend to forget is that the owner or CEO of any company (including consulting firms and training agencies) has a tremendous influence on the organization. The way they look at the world and where they are on the path of consciousness development has a major impact on the energy in the company.

If this person is in a transition phase or gets stuck at a certain level, this has a direct impact on the rest of the organization. Being aware and being able to deal with this, is crucial.


I, Jan Vermeiren, founder of Soul Business, have experienced all of the above with my previous company Networking Coach (in other words: a lot of ups and downs :-)). I have studied and tried several methods, tools and trainings and have developed my own approach in the process. These experiences, wisdom and way of working I’m now sharing with fellow owners of consulting firms and training agencies.

If you recognize one or more of the symptoms or as an owner or CEO need a sparring partner: contact us.