The Top Client Acquisition Pathway

Roadmap for Training, Consulting & Software Firms to Attract More Top Clients and Larger Projects

The Top Client Acquisition Pathway was born as an answer to the following statements of CEO’s and owners of training, consulting and software companies who wanted to take their company to the next level, but didn’t succeed in it:

“Our expertise and solutions have grown over the years, but we don’t succeed in charging higher fees.”

“I spend a lot of time to build thought leadership via blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, speaking at events and giving interviews. But we don’t get a lot of new prospects, let alone top clients out of it. And to be honest, lots of time I have writer’s block and my energy is drained.”

“We need a substantial revenue to pay the team. Since I feel responsible, lots of my time goes to marketing and sales. The result is that I don’t have enough time to work on new concepts or ideas.”

“If I’m really honest, half of the time I work on automatic pilot. I don’t get the energy anymore from the entry-level clients, but I need to do the work to pay the bills.”

“We run