The Client Acquisition Pathway

Roadmap for Training, Consulting & Software Firms to Attract More Clients

The Client Acquisition Pathway was born as an answer to the following statements of CEO’s and owners of training, consulting and software companies:

“It takes a lot of time and energy to find new clients.”

“Prospects do show interest, but don’t ask for a proposal or don’t sign it.”

“Prospects keep postponing the decision to work with us.”

“We feel often like stalkers because there is no clear “yes” or “no” and hence we keep following up, while we don’t want to be pushy.”

“We need a lot of clients, because we are only granted small projects (while we are able to do larger ones, but clients don’t order them).

“We have large highs and lows: sometimes we have too many clients and other moments the pipeline is empty. Both are very stressful.”

“I’m an expert and I’d rather deal with the content than with the sales process.”

“We make a lot of proposals that don’t turn into projects.”

“We jump on anything that moves: we accept every potential client who shows interest. The consequence is often that we can’t make a good estimation of the time investment causing us to even lose money