Soul Sessions

More Flow

Reenergized Drive and Passion

Deeper Alignment

These are a few of the reasons why owners of training, coaching and consulting companies contact me to have a Soul Session:

  • From a frustration:
    • They are stuck. Personally or with their company.
    • There is no flow (anymore).
    • They lost touch with their drive and passion.
    • “Something” is missing.
    • They mentally know what needs to be done, but (unconsciously) feel that they miss a deeper foundation which keeps them from taking action.
  • From a desire:
    • They already have a business that is doing well and want to take it to the next level.
    • They want to check if they are on track regarding their Soul mission.
    • They want to see if their own Soul mission and that of their company is (still) aligned.

My name is Jan Vermeiren. I’m the founder of Soul Business.

I experienced the same frustrations and desires.

I was pretty successful with my previous company Networking Coach: I wrote two best selling books (Let’s Connect! and How to REALLY use LinkedIn), we worked with over 500 companies all over the globe and we were the first training partner of LinkedIn in the world.

Despite this success I didn’t feel fulfilled.

This changed when I got aligned with my own Soul and that of my business and then created the Soul Business Roadmap.

If you are the owner of a training, coaching or consulting agency and want to be hired for larger projects where you can make a deep impact and you “only” need a detailed guide, then download the roadmap.

If you feel that you are not aligned (enough) yet, want to experience more flow or refind your drive and passion, you can book a Soul Session.

The length of a Soul Session is between 60 and 90 minutes.

You can book one by sending an e-mail to connect at