Soul Business Toolkit

I sometimes get asked which tools and methods I use in my guidance of (the owners of) training, coaching, and consulting companies.

For the Soul Business Roadmap, I use exercises, methods, tools, and templates specific to each step. Generally, these are more rational tools associated with the “Business” aspect.

For the “Soul” aspect, which is focused on aligning with one’s own soul path or that of the company and transforming underlying blockages, I have a variety of tools and methods at my disposal.

I use these either when limiting beliefs or inner saboteurs arise during a Soul Business Roadmap process, or in a personal coaching session or program (independent of the Soul Business Roadmap).

Some examples of situations where I dive into my toolkit

  • When things are not flowing smoothly in a company
  • During mergers or acquisitions
  • Amid team conflicts
  • In situations involving “wayward” freelancers
  • When there’s a lack of new clients
  • When there’s no appreciation for expertise or effort
  • Addressing fears, such as fear of scarcity, failure, rejection, or success
  • Dealing with limiting beliefs (“I’m not good enough,” “Who am I to…,” “I can’t do X”)
  • Addressing conscious or unconscious self-sabotage

Below is a selection from the tools I use. Some of them I learned from others. Some of them I created myself. During the years I have adapted most of the original formats and combined them with others. I did that when I noticed they were not working in some situations.

From time to time I share my experiences with these tools in webinars and workshops. If you’re interested, download the Soul Business Roadmap to automatically join the mailing list.

Constellations / Systemic Work

Viewing situations through a systemic lens can provide additional insights and often transform stuck issues.

During the years a special format emerged where I work together with my wife Gwendolyn. She represents all the roles and I facilitate. This feels often more safe to look at an issue than in a group constellation with representatives ànd it allows for a quick scheduling in the calendars.

I use this for issues like flow, money, team dynamics, family interests, visibility, and to explore alternatives or gain clarity.

Soul Sessions

Life events can sometimes disconnect us from our own soul or that of the company. In a Soul Session, we reconnect.

I use this for clarity on the future, questions like “Am I still aligned as the owner?” or “Is the company on the right path?”, or when addressing self-sabotage.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) / Tapping

A practical method for addressing emotional or physical blocks caused by life events.

I use this when someone feels stuck or experiences emotional weight, professionally or personally.

Compassion Technique

These days, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your talents, to make a mark in the world such as starting your own business or growing an existing one. However, we often feel inhibited by others in doing so.

I use this when someone feels disadvantaged, wronged, unseen, or trapped by someone else.

Compassion Quadrants

Collaborating with a co-founder, a team, family members, partners, suppliers, and clients is not always easy. Often, we are triggered by them in some way. The Compassion Quadrants provide insight into the cause. This primarily leads to greater understanding, reducing the impact of the trigger. Then, they can also serve to gently gain insight into one’s own shadow aspects and what can be done to heal them, so they become a driving force rather than a hindrance.

I use this in conflicts between people, in self-sabotage (which is often a conflict between two inner parts), or as a follow-up step after the Compassion Technique to better understand the dynamics with the other person and improve the relationship.


A major obstacle to growing a business or attracting the right clients or team members are conscious or unconscious limiting beliefs. PSYCH-K is a tool that helps transform these beliefs.

I use this for fears (e.g., fear of lack of money or time, of failure, of rejection, but also of success) and limiting beliefs about, for example, deserving better than (or worse than) parents, about one’s own capabilities, or about being truly seen by clients or the world.

Human Design Constellations

The personal Human Design Bodygraph of the client is used to do a constellation (as a rug). Without them having to know anything about Human Design. It is fascinating to see which information comes to the surface in this way.

I use this when there is no flow, when someone sabotages themselves, can’t make choices, feels that several inner parts fight to get attention or when someone wants to get to know themselves better in a quick way.

Remark: I have expertise in Human Design, but I don’t offer consultations myself. Nevertheless, I can provide referrals if necessary.

Ho’oponopono Flex

Ho’oponopono is a brief and powerful tool from Hawaii that focuses on the power of forgiveness to restore flow. However, for many people, this is difficult when they feel deeply hurt or wronged. That’s why I’ve created a variant tailored to specific situations so it can work for them too.

I use this when someone feels hindered by someone else in growing their business, when there’s still a sense of guilt towards someone else, or to break free from patterns of victimhood.

The next session about one of these tools is a constellation day.

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