The LinkedIn Post Algorithm Demystified

This is the recording of the webinar about the LinkedIn Post Algorithm.

Below the recording you will find the links mentioned in the webinar.

These are the links that are mentioned in the webinar:

Examples of posts:

My post to announce the webinar:

Elke Dens -> nomination:

Elke Dens -> Barack Obama:

Jan Beyen -> potential candidates no opportunities:

Gemmeke de Jongh -> Van Eyck:

Houston Golden -> give away:

Free tools to find content

Google Alerts:

Talkwalker Alerts:


Structure of text flow in posts

Detailed info:


Other example:

Social Selling Index (SSI)

Free resources

E-book The Client Acquisition Pathway, roadmap for consulting, training & software firms to attract more clients:

How to create an attractive personal and company LinkedIn Profile (first module of the LinkedIn Success Training):