Organisational, Brand, Price, Product and Customer Constellations

Sometimes you feel something is off or that information is missing, but rationally you can’t put your finger on it.

For example:

  • Why do customers drop out?
  • Is it the right time for a new brand, a new logo, a new target audience or a new country?
  • Is the price right?
  • Why are there so many conflicts in the team lately or with customers, suppliers or partners?
  • Is it a good idea to work with subsidies or not?
  • We want to do an extensive market survey, but don’t have the budget for it.

Then constellations (or systemic work) can give an extra insight in what is going on in the “undercurrent”. This information can be added to the knowledge and reports that are already available to get a holistic understanding. This leads to better decision making.