LinkedIn Success Training

Teach Me Program

The Teach Me Program consists of 6 modules:

  1. Build Your Presence
  2. Become Visible
  3. Get results: Find Customers or Candidates
  4. Find More Customers with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  5. Find More Candidates with LinkedIn Recruiter
  6. Finetune your experience, work with ads and cooperate as a team

Below you will find the recordings of the sessions.

Note: I recorded the session again because I didn’t share all tips because of the time constraints in the live session. So you will more tips in this recording, but no audience interaction. Enjoy!

Extra resources:

Extra resources:

If you want to upgrade to not only have access to all modules, but also receive this support to reach your goals:

  • Before the start: LinkedIn Personal Profile Self-Assessment to detect the gaps so you can get the most out of the “Build Your Presence” module.

  • Detailed checklist with action items to increase your SSI.

  • 10 week follow up by e-mail to do small actions that will help you reach your goals.

  • Private LinkedIn group to ask questions, share experiences and mutual support.

  • A personal 1 hour coaching session with Jan to receive feedback on your personal LinkedIn Profile for further optimization.

  • A personal 1 hour coaching session with Jan to discuss your personal LinkedIn strategy and any other questions you may have.

  • A personal 1 hour coaching session with Jan to follow up after 3 months.