LinkedIn Sales Success Training

LinkedIn has been the leading professional platform for years. It is an excellent place to find and attract customers, candidates, partners, suppliers, media contacts, a new job, expertise and much more.

However, many people don’t know how to put it to use.

Especially not to attract clients.

Hence this LinkedIn Sales Success Training that follows the LinkedIn Sales Success Pathway.

To be really successful, all 9 steps from phase 1, 2 and 3 need to be taken. And the good news is that you can do them with a free account!

However, most people and organizations only do this on LinkedIn: create a personal and company profile and write & react.

But even then, they usually only use a fraction of what is possible (almost nobody turns their profile in an automatic lead generator), get frustrated about the low amount of views on their posts (because they don’t how the post algorithm works) or don’t use LinkedIn in a way that is appealing to their target audience.

For the ones who want to take their LinkedIn strategy to the next level, there is Phase 4 (Expand). There you can learn how to attract more participants to your webinars and events via the right combination of e-mail, LinkedIn posts and LinkedIn Events. And tap into the extra power that Sales Navigator offers.

The 12 steps of the LinkedIn Sales Success Pathway are divided over 6 modules of each 1 – 2 hours.

Module 1: Build Your Presence

Setting the scene

  • Why do so many people fail to understand what they can do with LinkedIn and how to use it to reach their business goals.
  • What LinkedIn is (not).
  • The 3 most important fundamental principles of (online) networking and how they can make or break your results with LinkedIn.

The bigger picture

  • LinkedIn Pathway for Success©.
  • Difference between using LinkedIn B2B and B2C.
  • Where LinkedIn fits in your marketing, recruiting and sales strategy.
  • The missing links to make LinkedIn work for you.

Create an attractive Personal LinkedIn Profile

  • Why not all LinkedIn Profiles should look the same: the LinkedIn Profile Matrix©.
  • 20 tips to craft an attractive Profile for both personal and company branding.
  • How to transform your personal LinkedIn Profile into a lead generation tool to attract more clients.
  • How to avoid to “spam” your network with every new detail when updating your profile.
  • How to create your background banner with a free tool.

How to create an attractive Company Profile

  • 7 tips to make your Company Profile stand out.
  • The different calls to action (buttons) and how to use them.
  • Which extra features to use to increase the chances to get found.
  • How to turn the Company Profile into an automatic lead generator.

Module 2: Become Visible

Build your network

  • 5 ways to quickly build the foundation for your network.
  • Do’s and don’ts regarding inviting people.
  • How to deal with receiving invitations in a respectful and proper way, even if you don’t know the person who is inviting you.
  • How to avoid being restricted by LinkedIn regarding who you can invite.
  • Free tool to react on 50 invitations in 5 minutes time (and save time in many other ways).

Writing & Reacting on LinkedIn

  • The LinkedIn Algorithm Demystified: 4 most important aspects that make or break your reach.
  • The like, share, comment and send buttons: what to use best.
  • Which kind of content works well.
  • What to look out for in the structure of a post.
  • Free tools to find interesting content on other platforms.

LinkedIn Groups

  • What are the right Groups to join.
  • Best ways to find a Group.
  • The impact of the 1-9-90 rule of Groups.

LinkedIn Events

  • How to create an event.
  • How to find LinkedIn Events that might interest you.
  • How to use the LinkedIn app to easily connect with others when you meet them offline.

Module 3: Get Results


  • The G.A.I.N. Exercise© for achieving better results in finding clients via your online and offline network.

Find Clients (and other people that can help you reach your goals)

  • The 5-step basic strategy to find the right people via LinkedIn (with a focus on new clients, but this can also be applied to finding new co-workers, partners, suppliers, journalists, internal/external experts and other people that can help you reach your goals).
  • 10 ways to use LinkedIn to find clients and other interesting people.

Power your searches

  • How to use Boolean Search to power your search results.
  • Free tool to get look backs on your personal profile (and why to use it).

Get introduced

  • How to ask for referrals or introductions.
  • The one tool outside LinkedIn to get more introductions to new clients: the Magic Mail©.

Module 4: Find More Clients with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • More targeted searches:
    • 5 extra ways to find decision makers in organisations.
    • 5 extra search filters within your network.
  • How to use the extra “level” of searches: companies (accounts) besides people (leads).
  • How to set up up to 15 notifications that automatically alert you via e-mail when there are new prospects for you.
  • How to set up automatic suggestions in your timeline of potential customers:
    • People / decision makers.
    • Companies
  • How to find conversation starters using filters on the LinkedIn activity of decision makers and organizations.
  • Use and abuse of InMails: the danger of sending an InMail at the wrong moment and when to actually use them.
  • What is an Open Profile and how it can help you.
  • The benefit of showing the LinkedIn Premium badge on your personal profile.

Module 5: Attracting More Participants for Your Webinars and Live Events

After this module you will:

  • Be able to combine e-mails, LinkedIn Posts and LinkedIn Events in an optimal way so you will have more registrations.
  • Have a calendar with exact timings for LinkedIn posts, e-mails and LinkedIn Events.
  • Have discovered that the content for e-mails, LinkedIn Posts and LinkedIn Events has been all the time available and right in front you.
  • And as a result be able to easily create content that appeals to your ideal clients so they will register.
  • Be able to to apply the four main components of the LinkedIn Post Algorithm, making your posts appear in more people’s feeds:
    • Content: what to write and how many words.
    • Interaction: the best combo of likes, comments and shares; how to stimulate them and the best timing to do so.
    • Format: the right use of text, visual elements, hashtags, links and tags.
    • Author: the importance of the SSI (Social Selling Index) and how to raise it.
  • Not only being able to create attractive LinkedIn posts, but also take the right actions making you stop unconsciously sabotaging the LinkedIn Post Algorithm (and having it work for you instead).
  • Have access to examples of copy that ensure that people who leave a comment on a LinkedIn post, become participants.
  • Have tools to invite the right people in bulk to LinkedIn Events so you don’t waste hours of manually selecting people (and avoiding the danger of overlooking many of them).
  • Be able to build your e-mail database and LinkedIn contacts for both current and future webinars and events.

Module 6: Finetune Your LinkedIn Experience

How to finetune “Settings & Privacy” to

  • Avoid a LinkedIn e-mail overload.
  • Only see the relevant updates on your Home Page.
  • Decide who can see what you do on LinkedIn.
  • Change which ads you see.
  • Choose which notifications LinkedIn sends you and on which device.
  • Decide who can invite you to connect.
  • Hide “spammers” on your timeline.
  • Block someone on LinkedIn.
  • Why it is important to have more than one e-mail address linked to your account.

Bonus Module: Daily LinkedIn Routine

The Daily LinkedIn Routine is designed to:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Increase the bond you have with your first degree connections
  • Increase your Social Selling Index (SSI)

You can get these results by doing several small actions, manually or automatically, that only require 5 to 15 minutes per day.

Host: Jan Vermeiren

My name is Jan Vermeiren and I will be your host and trainer.

My credentials for this course are:

  • Author of 4 books including the international best seller “How to REALLY use LinkedIn”.
  • Former owner of Networking Coach, the first certified LinkedIn Training partner in the world.
  • And avid and happy LinkedIn user since 2005 :-)

How to measure your investment in this program

One of the KPI’s you can use to measure your chances on success (and your progress when applying the tips of this training), is LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI). You can find your own by clicking on (you need to be logged in in LinkedIn to be able to see this).

The general assumption is that your SSI needs to be at least 60 to have LinkedIn work for you.

This is only part of the picture (because it only measures quantitatively, not qualitatively), but it already gives a first direction.

In order to provide you with a solution tailored to your situation, needs and desires, I have created three programs:


The Foundation is focused on what you can do with a free account and consists of the three first modules:

  1. Build Your Presence
  2. Become Visible
  3. Get results: Find Clients


The Acceleration Program consists of all 6 modules:

  1. Build Your Presence
  2. Become Visible
  3. Get Results: Find Clients
  4. Find More Clients with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  5. Attract More Participants to Your Webinars and Live Events
  6. Finetune Your LinkedIn Experience


I added all the support I could think of to the “Acceleration Program” to propel you to reach your goals as fast as possible:

  • Before the start: LinkedIn Personal Profile Self-Assessment to detect the gaps so you can get the most out of the “Build Your Presence” module.

  • Detailed checklist with action items to increase your SSI.

  • 10 week follow up by e-mail to do small actions that will help you reach your goals.

  • 1 hour personal coaching session with me to receive feedback on your personal LinkedIn Profile for further optimization.

  • 1 hour personal coaching session with me to discuss your personal LinkedIn strategy and any other questions you may have.

  • 1 hour personal follow up coaching session.

Practical Info

  • Language: English for the videos. Coaching: English or Dutch.
  • After you have registered, an account is automatically created. You will receive a link to login. Check your spam filter after registering!
  • In your account you will find the videos of the modules you have purchased.
  • If you have purchased the Propulsion Program you will also find the Profile Self Assessment, the Checklist, 10 week e-mail follow up and the instructions to schedule your personal coaching sessions in your account.


As usual, the guarantee is simple and straightforward: if you are not satisfied with the training for whatever reason, the tuition fee is refunded. Easy, no hassle.


Three modules:

  • Module 1: Build Your Presence
  • Module 2: Become Visible
  • Module 3: Get Results: Find Clients

+ Bonus module Daily LinkedIn Routine

597 euro
(excl. VAT)

297 euro
(excl. VAT)

Purchase the Foundation Program


All 3 modules from Foundation +

  • Module 4: Find More Clients with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Module 5: Attract More Participants to Your Webinars and Live Events
  • Module 6: Finetune Your LinkedIn Experience

997 euro
(excl. VAT)

497 euro
(excl. VAT)

Purchase the Acceleration Program


Everything from the Acceleration Program + Extra support:

  • Profile Self Assessment
  • Personal coaching session: feedback on your personal profile
  • Checklist
  • 10 week follow up e-mail
  • Personal LinkedIn strategy coaching session
  • Personal follow up coaching session

1997 euro
(excl. VAT)

997 euro
(excl. VAT)

Purchase the Propulsion Program

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