Master Mind Circle

Every owner or CEO of a training, coaching or consulting company needs a soundboard once in a while.

That’s why I launched a new initiative: Master Mind Circles, where you don’t get one soundboard, but five.

And not just a random selection of five people.

They all have these characteristics in common:

  • Owner or CEO of a training, coaching or consulting company.
  • At least 5 years in this role (most more than 10).
  • Open for feedback and personal development.
  • A sharing attitude: help others.
  • Keywords: business knowledge, humor, dive deep, human connection, trust, safety & balance between masculine and feminine energy (structure/rational and go with the flow/intuitive).

The Concept

I frequently organize one-off, no cost Master Mind Circles where people with those characteristics are invited as a guest.

In the Circle they can present their own challenges and receive feedback from the other participants. And they can share their own experiences and tips regarding the challenges of the others.

In line with the spirit of Soul Business those challenges can be related to both the Soul and the Business aspect:

  • Business: e.g. business model, marketing, sales and processes.
  • Soul: e.g. personal and spiritual growth of themselves and their team.


In this one-off Master Mind sessions you can use one of these formats of “questions for support” to receive feedback and support:

  • Case: you can present a situation that you want to change or a new initiative you want feedback on. This type of question is focused on receiving suggestions, answers or experiences. Or a brainstorm to generate ideas.
  • Listening Ear: we all encounter situations that touch us deeply. Talking about it in a group helps to transform the (emotional) charge. This type of question only requires the other participants to listen and hold the space, not to present suggestions or solutions.
  • Practical request: if you already know who or what you are looking for, you can ask the group for names, websites, articles or introductions.


If you already have participated in some kind of Master Mind session you know how valuable this is …

… on the condition that such a session is well organized and the participants match so there is an atmosphere of safety and trust.

That’s why I work with invitations.

If you are interested you can apply to receive one at the bottom of the page.

Practical Details

This one-off Circle is complimentary, lasts 2 hours and is organized online.

Beforehand all participants send in their “question for support” so we can have a good time flow.

You will also get a list with the LinkedIn profiles and websites of the other participants up front so you can already learn a bit more about the peers that you will meet.

Regular Master Mind Circles

I’m also planning regular Master Mind Circles where the participants commit to support each other in the growth of their company for 5 months.

These are the formats that are used in the regular Master Mind Circles:

  • Questions for support: cases, listening ears and practical requests (see one-off sessions).
  • Business Speed Dating: to get to know each other better in a very quick way.
  • In joint deliberation: feedback, sharing & hot seat sessions about business models, purpose, mission, target audience, pricing, team, website, LinkedIn profiles, conflicts, contracts, blind spots, goal setting, inner saboteurs, …
  • Referral sessions: focused and structured approach to refer each other to potential clients (this session alone pays back the fee to participate big time).

If this interests you, you can apply via the link below.

Of course, you can first ask to be invited to attend a one-off session.


If you want to be considered to be invited, please fill out this form.