Light Version Top Client Attraction Scan – Lead Magnet

Often consulting, training and software companies don’t realize that their lead magnets push top prospects away instead of attract them.

And that they are influencing word-of-mouth in a negative way.

To change this we temporarily offer a free light version of the “Top Client Attraction Scan” that focuses on the lead magnets of your company.

You will receive a personalized report where you can find current strong points and where there is room for improvement.

This is what we analyze in this light version of the Top Client Attraction Scan:

  • To which extent your lead magnets attract or scare away top clients (= what is their potential to actually generate leads)
  • How they assist in word-of-mouth (or sabotage it)
  • How well they position your company as the go-to experts

If you want a full version where also the website, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn posts and blog posts are analyzed, you can order it via this page.

This is a manual process where we put quite some time and effort in, so please fill out the form properly.