How Did Other People Experience the Discovery Session?

These are the experiences of a few people who booked a Discovery Session to see how the Soul Business Roadmap could be applied to their situation.

The Discovery Session has provided me with some interesting insights.

The main one was obviously the roadmap to attract larger projects for top clients.

I also found the smaller nuances interesting like optimizing the use of social media and how to involve your network to create more impact.

Tomas Coudere, Holix

A Discovery Session regarding the Soul Business Roadmap is enlightening and clarifies a lot.

Often the focus is only on tools that should stimulate sales. It became clear that the consequence is that some fundamental steps are overlooked.

What I liked about Jan’s approach is that he freely shares his wisdom in the session and unlike many others doesn’t promote or pushes his services.

Els de Ridder, Connect Human Capital

Jan helped us a lot during a virtual session regarding the Soul Business Roadmap.

He asked very relevant questions, following the nine logical steps of the Soul Business Roadmap.

Jan has a very empathic style on the one hand and because of that he is also able to confront us where we drop the ball on the other hand.

We have been able to do several of his tips ourselves. Because of his great expertise Jan can help us in the future to fill in the last gaps.

Fons Feekes, Myna

A long time ago, when I was inexperienced in networking, I learned from Jan when he had his previous company Networking Coach, what the essence and mindset are of purposeful networking.

Sincere listening to other people’s stories and sharing your own knowledge are just a few aspects.

And that has been exactly my experience during the Discovery Session with Jan.

Based on the tips from the e-book I have refined my approach.

During the session Jan spontaneously offered his feedback. He also pointed out a few important points that needed further development.

The result? The session gave us both a lot of energy.

It has indeed inspired me and … Jan can add me to his list of enthusiastic ambassadors!

Claudia Poels, Sequoia

The session with Jan truly inspired me because he offered me honest feedback.

I started thinking how I could even more specifically describe the services that I offer.

If it is about your own company, there is a certain image in your mind. When you have a sparring partner like Jan, you are challenged to look at it from another angle.

After the session I felt even more confident to mention where I can make a difference.

Beside this topic, Jan has a lot of knowledge about LinkedIn . Just having a Discovery Session about how you can make a better use of that platform already has tons of added value.

Annelies Lenaerts, Marketingwijzer

After reading the “Soul Business Roadmap”, I had a lot of questions regarding how to determine your ideal client, how to formulate an attractive offer, etc.

As Jan mentions he is always open for a Discovery Session without any obligations.

So I took him up on his offer and booked a session.

It was a clarifying conversation where Jan shared his expertise and experience, asked questions and offered some approaches that I had never thought of.

An authentic inspiration moment, without a sales pitch at the end. I’m very grateful for the session and Jan’s approach!

I can recommend it to all owners or sales managers of consulting, training or software companies.

It is a valuable moment for the development of yourself and your business with or without Jan’s support in the future. I love that this truly is a free choice!

Yves Thoorens, Integratio

Jan provided my partners and I with powerful hands-on insights and tips that allowed us to significantly refine our value proposition and its communication.

It was refreshing that Jan freely shared his knowledge and not tried to sell us anything.

The Discovery Session is well worth the time!

Anna Zanghi, Futur-o

Interested in receiving tips for your company? Then book a complimentary Discovery Session.