Free E-book “The Top Client Acquisition Pathway”

A Roadmap for Training, Consulting & Software Firms to Attract More Top Clients and Larger Projects

Without spending time or budget on cold calling, social media posts, ads or extra sales staff

These are a few of the topics:

  • Main (and counter intuitive) reasons why training, consulting & software firms don’t attract top clients or larger projects.
  • The characteristics and expectations of top clients, which are different from those of entry-level or regular clients.
  • The missing link in selling larger projects.
  • Why traditional marketing and communication approaches scare top clients away instead of attracting them.
  • How to change this without spending hours on writing blogs or social media posts, creating podcasts and videos, organizing online/offline events, hiring extra staff or agencies, placing ads or making cold calls.
  • A roadmap with a step-by-step explanation of the pitfalls related to attracting top clients and large projects and how to avoid them.

The Dutch version can be downloaded from this page.

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