For Whom and Why?

Soul Business primarily works for Consulting Firms and Training Agencies that work B4B (Business for Business).


The reason?

  • Jan Vermeiren, the founder of Soul Business, has a vast experience in building a training and consulting company from scratch (see About Us). He shares that experience now with fellow owners of Consulting Firms and Training Agencies.
  • A Ripple Effect regarding the purpose of Soul Business can be created. The purpose is: supporting the growth of Consciousness. Each Consulting or Training Company contributes to this growth from their expertise.


The two parts of our offering contribute to this goal in these ways:

  • Getting back in flow: when the owners and co-workers of Consulting Firms and Training Agencies are in flow themselves, they transfer this (sub)consciously to everyone they meet.
  • Expanding the flow: by teaching Consulting Firms and Training Bureaus how to attract more customers, they can touch more people.

In this way more people can be reached than when we would do it alone.