Expanding The Flow As Consulting Firm or Training Agency

What Is Said

  • “How can we, as a consulting firm or training agency, attract more (of the right) customers?” (Underneath the desire is most of the time: “We want a lead generation system that allows to attract new customers without spending too much time, besides the natural in-flow”).
  • “How can we generate more visibility? Via which channels (press, social media, ads, …)? And without spending a lot of time.”
  • “We need better marketing.”
  • “We want to engage our co-workers so we can attract customers and candidates via them (employee ambassadorship).”
  • “Shouldn’t we change or expand our business model?”
  • “Shouldn’t we put the owner more in the spotlights by having him/her speak more or write a book?”
  • “Maybe we need to expand to other regions or markets.”
  • “What benefits could partnerships have for our (kind of) company?”

If you recognize these questions or remarks and you want to expand the flow of your consulting firm or training agency: contact us.