There are several workshops based on elements of the “Soul Business” program.

Below you will find an overview of the topics.

The length of each session is between 2 hours and 2 days, depending on the time available, the format, the goals of the session and the audience.


  • What’s your Sticky Story (Elevator Pitch 3.0)
  • The Power of Networking
  • How to Attract the Perfect Customers
  • Seven Ways to Find New Customers using LinkedIn
  • How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Generator (to attract new customers or candidates)
  • Creating Ambassadors

What’s your Sticky Story (Elevator Pitch 3.0)?

The largest drama at conventions, mixers and other business events are the Elevator Pitches: the pushy sales talk of 30 seconds. Both for the one is doing it as for the listener these are often awkward moments. However, there is another way! By using a Sticky Story the focus remains on both presenting your company AND building the relationship. The beauty of this approach is that the other person probably will become an ambassador instead of someone who tries to get rid of you as soon as he can!

In the second part of the session we use the Business Speed Dating format to immediately practice the Sticky Stories.

The Power of Networking

Networking is part of business life. We do it at every event: conferences, fairs, drinks and other business gatherings. Still many people have a hard time when they are networking. To assist them, first the 3 most important networking principles will be explained. Then some hands-on tips will be shared regarding the 5 steps of networking: preparation, making contact, continuing the conversation, ending the conversation and following up.

How to Attract the Perfect Customers

One of the largest pitfalls for entrepreneurs is that they want to convince every person who shows the slightest interest in their products or services to become a customer. The consequence is that lots of time is spent on the “wrong” customers. What are “wrong” customers? For example customers who don’t pay (on time), return a lot, ask for a lot of attention which don’t pay for, complain a lot, etc. In this session we solve this problem by first making a profile of the perfect customers using a four-step process and then summarize it in a way that others will be able to recognize them easily.

Seven Ways to Find New Customers using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest business network in the world. But do you use it to the fullest? Besides presenting yourself with a personal and company profile, there are several ways to proactively find new customers (so you don’t have to wait for them to contact you). In this session you will be shown the seven best ways to find new customers using LinkedIn plus the best way to get an introduction (using the Magic Mail).

How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Generator

(to attract new customers or candidates)

Most professionals now have a LinkedIn Profile. However, most of them don’t use the full potential regarding personal and company branding. And even less use it as a lead generation tool. The first to have an optimized profile should be the sales and recruiting team. They have direct contact with prospects and candidates. What most organizations don’t think of, is that every employee is an ambassador. Most of them are willing to support the organization via their LinkedIn profile, even if it’s just in a passive way. The only problem is that they don’t know how.

In this session we start with showing the bigger picture using the LinkedIn Strategy Matrix for Organizations. Then we use the LinkedIn Profile Matrix to show that not every profile is the same (for example: C-level, sales, recruiting, marketing and accounting play a different role and hence should have a different approach of their LinkedIn Profile). Then the top 20 tips to create an attractive profile are shared. To finish the session there is a step by step explanation to turn every LinkedIn profile into a lead generator to attract new customers or new employees.

Creating Ambassadors

One of the best ways to attract new customers is word-of-mouth. The good news is that you can stimulate this in order to have it happen much more! In this session we first look at what a perfect customer looks like for your company, then we make a list of who has already access to them, next you will be shown a few ways how to get in touch with them using LinkedIn and finally how to set up a successful referral meeting. By the way: you only have to do this with a few people or companies to create a continuous flow of new customers.

There are a few variants of this session:

  • To attract candidates instead of customers.
  • To turn every co-worker into a passive or proactive ambassador of the organization.