Sparring Partner for Business Owners and Executives

It is often lonely at the top.

Although you have a good team, you need a sounding board once in a while. No coach or peer group (or no group or individual Soul Business program) and no one-off session. What you want is someone with experience who looks at what’s going on with your company on a regular basis and when it suits you.

Themes that often come up are:

  • Take the organization to the next level.
  • Attract more customers (or the right ones).
  • (Personal) Branding to increase visibility, which might include speaking or writing a book.
  • Hire the right candidate.
  • The pressure of responsibility (including making the right decisions).
  • Loneliness at the top as a business owner, managing director or executive.
  • Relationship with partner or children.
  • Relationship with team member, business partner(s) or members of the board.
  • Always putting other people first (and feeling guilty when you seldom cannot).
  • Being a strong caretaker or savior (which can be a burden once in a while).
  • Transform the organization to one that creates a better world for all stakeholders (not only shareholders).

If you are looking for a sparring partner, contact us to discuss what you are looking for.

Remark: our founder, Jan Vermeiren, is available as a sparring partner for maximum 3 companies at the same time.