Organizational Constellations – Systemic Work

What are organizational constellations about?

Often things don’t go smoothly in organizations or companies. Even if some initiatives have been taken and all people involved are willing to change, still a solution – inexplicably – cannot be found.

On the other hand it is sometimes difficult to estimate which impact changes will have or which new products or markets will perform well.

In these cases organizational constellations can bring more clarity and insights.

These are a few examples of situations in which organizational constellations can be beneficial:

  • We don’t get enough customers (or not the right ones).
  • There is not much flow in our organization or in my business.
  • Our customers keep canceling meetings or keep postponing the decision to buy from us.
  • Absenteeism is extremely high and the measurements we have taken don’t work.
  • There are many mobbing cases.
  • The new product is not successful, although tests and panel discussions showed there would be a lot of interest.
  • An unusual high number of customers are not paying (or not on time).
  • There are continuously (inexplicable) frictions between teams or individuals.
  • There are one or more “rebels” within the organization.
  • The resistance against the proposed changes is exceptionally high.
  • There is an unusual high number of fraud or theft cases.
  • Insights about your professional life: what is my position in the company? Is it better to leave? Or to start something myself?
  • What is the cause of my burn out? Or: there is an extremely high amount of burn out cases in our organization, what is the cause? And how can this be prevented?
  • Which candidate is the best fit for our team?
  • Which are interesting new markets?
  • Which new products to manufacture?
  • What do we need to take into account when merging our company with another one?
  • As manager or owner:
    • What is the cause of lack of leadership?
    • What is the cause of lack of impact?
    • How to best lead the team.
  • When selling a business:
    • As seller: which obstructions are in the way of a good handover?
    • As buyer: what to look out for when taking over the business and what to look out for when continuing the company or with a merger?

Organizational constellations look at what lives in the subconscious “mind” of the organization: the undercurrent, that is often overlooked. Or better: most of the time we are not aware of it. Constellations are a very valuable way to gain access to extra information (on top of what we already know) or to solve certain entanglements.

In other words: organizational constellations are a very time and cost efficient way to receive extra information about current problems and about scenarios for the future.

For open sessions: see the calendar.

For an in-house session or a personal coaching session based on organizational constellations: contact us.

For more information and examples about constellations in the personal domain: visit the family constellations page.

For entrepreneurs there is usually a mix of family and organizational constellations, hence the special format of constellations for entrepreneurs.

Caution: these sessions are only for people and organizations that are willing and ready to look at (business) life from another point of view!