Constellations for Entrepreneurs – Systemic Work

What are constellations for entrepreneurs? Systemic work or constellations are a way to find the (hidden) causes of a problem on the one hand and to check several scenarios for the future on the other hand.

Systemic work looks at the undercurrent, that is often overlooked. Or better: most of the time we are not aware of it. Constellations are a very valuable way to gain access to extra information (on top of what we already know) or to solve certain entanglements.

In other words: it is a very time and cost efficient way to receive extra information about current problems and about scenarios for the future.

The best known formats of systemic work are family constellations and organizational constellations. Constellations for entrepreneurs are a special format, a mix. The reason? Since the professional and personal life of entrepreneurs is so much intertwined, problems or questions regarding the business have a cause or effect on family life and vice versa.

Constellations for entrepreneurs are also an important part of the Soul Business program for entrepreneurs.

Examples / Themes of Constellations for Entrepreneurs

These are a few examples of situations (themes) in which constellations for entrepreneurs can be of support.

Professional domain 

  • There is no flow in the business or organization (issues with customers, suppliers, employees, partners, …).
  • Not enough customers or not the right ones.
  • Customers cancel a meeting every time or keep postponing the decision.
  • Absenteeism is very high and the actions taken don’t provide any results.
  • The new product is not accepted in the marketplace, although tests and panel discussions predicted it would be successful.
  • An unusual high number of customers doesn’t pay or doesn’t pay in time.
  • There are permanent (inexplicable) tensions between teams or individuals.
  • Which candidate is the best fit for the company, division or team?
  • Which new markets to go after or which new products to bring to the market?
  • Which marketing channels (not) to use?
  • How will different new target audiences react when a new product or brand is launched? And what will be the reaction of current target audiences?
  • As manager or owner:
    • What is the cause of lack of leadership?
    • What is the cause of lack of impact?
    • How to best lead the team.
  • When selling a business:
    • As seller: which obstructions are in the way of a good handover?
    • As buyer: what to look out for when taking over the business and what to look out for when continuing the company or with a merger?

There are many more examples about organizational constellations.


Personal domain 

  • My relationship with my partner, parents or children is not going well.
  • Illness.
  • Insights about which professional route to take.
  • What is in the way of being succesful?
  • Not having much energy.
  • Experiencing stress.
  • Money issues.
  • When selling a house: what are obstructions to get the house sold in an easy and smooth way.
  • Recurring pattern like:
    • Always attract the wrong partner.
    • Accidents.
    • Hot potato: attract money and spend it very quickly.

How does it work?

Together with the facilitator the person who requested the constellation picks the theme (s)he wants more clarity about.

During the constellation each element regarding this theme is represented by one of the other participants (representatives).

As a result of the interaction between the representatives patterns are clarified and extra information about the theme is received.

Result: sometimes entanglements or blocks are discovered and solved. In other cases it becomes clear which actions an individual or organization needs to take.

Remark: if you haven’t attended a constellation before, it might be good to participate as a representative first (unless the need to change a situation is very high and urgent).

Benefits of Constellations for Entrepreneurs

Benefits for the person who requests a constellation

If a certain theme (see above for examples) keeps showing up in an entrepreneur’s personal life or within the business, then the energy dissipates. A constellation often offers a solution or at least insights what it is really about. As a result the appropriate action can be taken to get the energy flowing again.

On the other hand entrepreneurs are facing several choices regarding the future. More insights in which reactions one choice or the other will generate with involved parties, the sensitivities regarding the topic of the consequences of the different options, will ensure that the choice becomes easier and the chances of success increase.

In other words: systemic work offers a time and cost efficient way to find the cause of problems on the one hand and quickly get an overview of limiting and supporting parameters on the other hand.


Benefits for the representatives

As a representative you are not just randomly chosen for a particular role or element. This is always related to an entrepreneur’s personal life or to the business (although the connection is not always obvious). Many times you will experience some insights or even healing in your own struggles or you will suddenly see extra options in professional or personal situations.

For some people the role of representative is more comfortable (especially in the beginning) because they get in touch with something that applies to themselves without standing in the spotlights. Sometimes they need this experience before requesting their own constellation.

In constellations for entrepreneurs an extra benefit is that there is a number of recurring themes that almost all entrepreneurs struggle with. Chances are high that one of your own problems or questions are looked at in the constellation of another entrepreneur. As a consequence your own situation might start changing without having requested your own constellation.

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For more information about constellations: visit the page of organizational constellations or family constellations.

Caution: these sessions are only for people and organizations that are willing and ready to look at (business) life from another point of view!