Transformation of Blocks

There are moments your company enters difficult waters. Despite a well designed strategy, lots of hard work of all employees and perhaps even an external coach, you don’t succeed in reaching the goals.

Or maybe you don’t even find the energy to start because you feel that something (most of the times inexplicable) blocks the flow of the company.

Symptoms are: customers that (suddenly) stop placing orders, internal tension, a heavy or apathetic feeling, etc.

Companies can only grow if they have enough “development points” at their disposal. Depending on what happened in the personal history of the owner(s) or of that of the company, there might be blocks, hurts or traumas that occupy those development points. And then no further growth is possible.

During a ‘Transformation of Blocks” session the 5 step model of the upcoming book Everything Included is applied. Development points are freed, allowing the company to grow further and reach it’s goals.

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