B4B Lead Generation System with LinkedIn Accelerator

For most companies the challenge is to attract more customers when less time is available for the whole sales and marketing process.

The B4B Lead Generation System with LinkedIn Accelerator frees up time for the sales team to assist prospects and customers in their purchasing process.

In other words: not only there is more contact with the right customers, but there is also less need for convincing and pushing. That makes the whole experience much more enjoyable for all people involved ànd more lucrative for the company!

What is the B4B Lead Generation System with LinkedIn Accelerator?

The B4B Lead Generation System with LinkedIn Accelerator is an automated marketing system based on the philosophies of in-bound and relationship marketing.

It is also about a mutual relationship (instead of a transactional one). Hence B4B (Business FOR Business) instead of B2B (Business TO Business).

Extra: for companies that are ready for it, the component of employee ambassadorship can be added.



These are a few benefits of the B4B Lead Generation System with LinkedIn Accelerator:

  • The right customers can be detected and helped at the right moment in their decision making process.
  • Account managers meet prospects because they have asked for it themselves or after an active referral by someone else. The consequence is that the company is already pre-sold and that the purchasing process can be facilitated (instead of being forced).
  • Smooth automation, smart workflows and nifty use of tools leads to more room for human contacts when that is really important.
  • The pitfall of only focusing on social media like LinkedIn without having a good foundation, is avoided.

Why does LinkedIn take a prominent place in the system?


These are the two main reasons:

  • We have noticed that in a B4B environment LinkedIn is important in multiple phases of both the sales process (the company’s side) and the customer journey (the customer’s side). Of course other social media and marketing automation tools play a role in our integrated approach.
  • LinkedIn is in its third wave. After the individual and organizational wave (see the book How to REALLY use LinkedIn) there is now the integration wave which offers extra opportunities.

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