Hi, my name is Jan Vermeiren. I’m the founder of Life is a Game! This organization is focused on assisting people to live a lighter life via personal and spiritual growth programs.

In my life before Life is a Game! I was the founder of Networking Coach (which merged in 2014 with Really Connect). I wrote two books, Let’s Connect! and How to REALLY use LinkedIn!

Until now the company has been working for more than 450 companies and organizations worldwide. We were the first LinkedIn training partner on planet Earth. So you could say that I was pretty successful ☺.

However, something was missing. I felt that I had touched upon the essence of Life now and again, but I always lost the connection. Now I understand that I was being pulled back into the Phase 1 game. This motion was felt in my work and in the company. Although both books and all the training programs at Networking Coach were based on universal or spiritual principles, the focus was more on practical insights and technological tips about how to be successful in Phase 1 of the human game.

With Life is a Game! I officially go to the next “level” in my human game. After having played for some time in Phase 2 and having experienced life in Phase 3 once in a while, I’m now ready to assist others in doing the same: living a lighter, more peaceful, and especially much more joyful life!

If you want to play along, read the book, browse the Library, attend a session, host one or suggest something else yourself!